Making  it  Personal  by  Partnering  with  Parents  through  all  Phases

All of our Family Ministry Areas are meeting face to face!  For more information on our age specific Family Ministries, please click on each age group's logo.  We look forward to serving your family!

Newborn - Pre - K

Greenhouse is our preschool ministry! We meet all three service times!  For parent resources and access to our digital content, please click here to access our parent portal!

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Foundation is offered during both services on Sunday Mornings!  For parent resources and access to our parent portal, Click Here

4th - 6th Grades

456 Preteens
Our Preteens meet during our second service on Sunday.  For parent resources and access to our parent communications and digital services  please subscribe here.

7th - 12th Grades

Rise Student Ministry
Our Student ministry meets on  Wednesday evening at 6 PM here at the church!  For parent resources and communications, please subscribe here.


We must help to guard the hearts of our children.  We hope you find these resources valuable as you set up safe guards to help your kids safely navigate the digital spaces in their lives.   
If you are interested in learning even more, we recommend purchasing Every Parent's Guide to Navigating our Digital World, which is available from Amazon.   Or, if you prefer video, there is a new study just released by Rightnow Mediea, Redeem the Screen.  If you don't have a RNM account or need help accessing any of these resources, please send us an email.