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Ministering with the

OceanPointe Christian Church

866B W. Main Rd.

Middletown, RI 02842  

(right next to Island Cinemas) 

John and his family have been filled with a burden for the reality of a 90+% unchurched population that exists in New England. The role John has taken with OceanPointe (OP) focuses on discipleship and leadership development. John has initially been tasked with developing leaders for the small groups ministry and for pastoral care. He is also overseeing the launch of a Celebrate Recovery program. OP will soon be looking at the potential of launching a second d campus, most likely north of their current location; John will be helping the OP team assess that need and then carry out whatever plan of action is decided. The possibility exists for John to become the Campus Pastor for this new site.

Links: www.oceanpointeri.com (OceanPointe Christian Church)

            www.rhmnewengland.org/ (Restoration House Ministries)

  Reports:  OceanPointe June, 2017

Northpointe christian church

Jacob Vangen, Lead Pastor

Cinema World Theater 8, in Lincoln Mall

622 George Washington Highway

Lincoln, Rhode Island  02865

Website: www.northpointeri.com (NorthPointe Christian Church)

               www.rhmnewengland.org/ (Restoration House Ministries)

We are always in the process of discovering who we are, what we believe, and where we stand on issues, big and small. At NorthPointe, we think there’s value in that search and discovery process. In our own process, and through relying on Scripture, these are the essential beliefs we’ve landed on. We seek unity around these eight beliefs and encourage liberty for nonessential beliefs such as the role of the spiritual gifts, end times, and particulars surrounding how God created the earth. While having a firm doctrine in these areas is important, we will not let differences in nonessential beliefs break our fellowship with one another. As the early founders of the Restoration Movement declared, "In essentials unity. In nonessentials, liberty. In all things, love."

For the latest information about Jacob's church and to hear listen to one of his sermons, click the following link: May 2017 Update

                             Reports:  NorthPointe June, 2017

johnson university

            Johnson University has helped students explore their passions and pursue their calling since 1893. Johnson’s three-fold educational approach blends Arts & Sciences, Bible & Theology, and Professional Studies, preparing students for meaningful lifelong impact on the world in the name of Christ. As a self-declared Great Commission university, Johnson places strong emphasis on preparing students for cross-cultural ministry and outreach, both outside and within our national borders.

Contact Information:  https://www.johnsonu.edu/Home.aspx