Workers - Abroad

  • Papua New guinea - jesse and karie pryor

    Country Information

    Ministries:  Pastoral care, lay-leadership training, medical clinic, public school, teacher training, nurses' training, literacy community outreach through sawmill operations.

    Contact Information:

        Email:  info@oipng.com

         Web:  www.oipng.com

          December 2017 - January 2018 Newsletter

          Letter from Outreach International, January 2018

  • togo - dovene and sarah afakule

    Working among the world's most unreached peoples

    Country Information

    Ministries: Church planting, leadership training, medical, agricultural

    Connect with them:       Email:  togochristianmission@gmail.com

                                             Web:  togochristianmission.org

                                   Facebook:  facebook.com/togochristianmission

                                        Twitter:  tcmconnect

    November 2017 Update

  • a shcc family serving in asia

    Contact Link:   https://omf.org/us

    Regional Link:  http://www.operationworld.org/asia

    Personal Link:  jrwalker190@gmail.com


    The family moved to their new home in Asia in June of 2017. Their first tasks involve language school, connecting with their teammates and existing churches, and actively seeking opportunities to share Christ. They feel especially called to minister to the marginalized in society and developing indigenous leaders.

    Latest: Instructions for Shipping

                   December 2017 Update

  • jiloa ministries IN UGANDA

    Country Information

    Email JILOA: yeshuad@att.net

    To learn more about JILOA outreach ministries, including Bible distribution, click here.


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  • nepal (asia)  

       full support for 6 national evangelists in central Nepal

    Country Information

    Connect: www.disciplemakers.org/

            "Thank You"  and more from Disciple Makers, Feb 2018

    These men, all supported by SHCC funds, are part of a growing team of nationals working in many regions of the country. In addition to growing Christ’s Church, they are helping dispel the current public image of Christianity in Nepal is of a foreign intrusion. 

    View photos of national evangelists in Central Nepal.

    News from Nepal, January 2018

    Brief Bio of Evangelist


    Jeff and Monica Fife,  sons Roger and Isaac

     (view Fife family photos)  

    Country Information

    Ministries:  Reach the lost through evangelism, mentor and equip through Discipleship and a “hands-on" Bible college, plant new churches, provide assistance and justice where needed.

    Contact Information:

        Email:  fife@BRoLM.org

    March 2018 Update


    Kleber & Juracema Ribeiro (Brazilian nationals)


    Country Information

    Ministries:  Evangelism in Muslim-dominated region, church planting, Christian school,  leadership training, community service.


    Contact Information:  Everything published by the Ribeiros is in Portuguese.  For information about their work and ministry, contact our liaison, Jeff Fife:  fife@BRoLM.org


    "IDES exists to meet physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world in the name of Jesus Christ."  IDES is a Christian 501(c)(3) organization that connects those who are hurting worldwide to those who have a heart of compassion. Since 1973, IDES has partnered with local churches in the U.S. and mission workers in more than 110 countries during times of crisis. IDES serves in 5 Focus areas:   Evangelism, Disaster Response, Hunger Relief, Development & Sustainability, and Medical Care. 

    (view photo)


    SHCC supports IDES in both its national and its international outreaches.

        Click here to view letter from IDES to SHCC, January 2018

    Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts: Click Here

    View IDES February 2018 Calendar: Click Here

    "Thank You, SHCC", from IDES (April 2018): Click Here

    Contact Information:  http://www.ides.org

  • Kore foundation (u.s. office in Nashville, tn)

    Country Information

    KORE works in Haiti to break the cycle of extreme poverty. Our projects empower people rather than create dependency, equipping communities to change their own future. KORE goes Beyond Relief to provide the opportunities and resources necessary for lasting impact. Beyond Relief sparks hope, and hope changes everything!   

    Contact Information:   https://www.korefoundation.org/

    KORE Launches Egg Program


    Country Information

    GCCM does not have a webpage, and all of the week to week     developments of our ministry, are posted on Messenger (from Facebook), in our  GCCM Chat group.  If you have a Facebook account, and would like to be  included in the chat, please let me know via email, or send me a message, to my Facebook user name, Maarten Andrw.   Read More...

    Latest News - February 13, 2018

    Personal Link: musikafe@outlook.com

  • Passionately Pursuing in ASIA

    A young lady from SHCC serving in a teaching ministry.

    This passage of Scripture, Numbers 9:17-23, has been an encouragement as I have been in a year of healing and searching for what is next.  I read this passage back in February and it instantly became my prayer.  Am I suppose to stay put?  Am I suppose to go?  I prayed for a clear answer and then for the heart to listen... 

    To request this worker's most recent newsletter, email:  shccmissionman@gmail.com

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  • TCM International Institute

    TCM:  "Taking Christ to Millions" by "Training Christians for Ministry"

    TCM International Institute develops Christian leaders through graduate education so that they can more effectively influence their churches, cultures, and countries.

    Click here to visit the TCM website.

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