Short-Term Mission Trips

June, 2017 – Uganda – Large Group Service/Teaching Trip.

A group of 6 people (Bob Berry, John Leech, Janet Shave, Noah Sharpe, Sonora Berry, and Brooke Shirley) left on June 12 for a missions experience in Uganda.  The women will return on June 22; the men will stay in Uganda an extra week.  Right now, all are conducting Vacation Bible Schools for 14 churches.  They are engaging in one-on-one teaching and sharing their testimonies.  They are also distributing 25 water filters to 12 churches who do not have access to clean water. Please lift up the team with prayers such as the sample one below.

See MAY Newsletter regarding June, 2017 mission trip to Uganda.

October, 2017 - Nepal – Small Specialized Group Trip

The purpose of this trip is to conduct teaching services in Nepal.  One slot is currently available.  Cost of the trip is $3,000 per participant, with some possible funding assistance from SHCC.  In addition, participants must have a valid passport and must have proper immunizations.  For more information, contact Tim Bayne at

October, 2017 – Myanmar – Small Professional Trip

Mike Householder will be visiting Myanmar to provide professional teaching to Christians. If you’re interested in joining Mike, contact him for details:

October, 2017 – El Salvador – Large Group Service/Teaching Trip

This trip is being led by Latin Ministries Extended of Kingston, GA.  The trip will be one week (October 6 – 14).  The team will visit the Tabernacle Biblico Busista in Soyapango, a suburb of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador.  The trip will provide opportunities for a variety of skill sets and experience levels.  This is a great opportunity to serve on a mission trip where no specialized skills are required.  The purposes of the trip are:

1.      Construction services (building a large classroom on the second level of an existing building)

2.      Working with children in providing a vacation bible school

3.      Ministering to men and women of the church in Bible study worship time each day

The cost of the trip is $1,700 per participant.  Funding from SHCC will not be available.  A passport is required but no special immunizations are needed.  For more information, contact Mike Hayes at 865-300-7214.

2019 - Brazil

This trip is currently planned for August 7, 2019.  The goal of the trip will be to visit villages along the Amazon to minister to the inhabitants and to distribute medicines to them.  More information will be published as it is available.